Our candidate for Grove Green is Mark Dawes

Mark Dawes has lived in the Leytonstone area for over 30 years and has been active in the Green Party in Waltham Forest for over 20 years. He is currently the Campaigns Officer.

He has been an active campaigner on many issues particularly the environment and animal rights – campaigning against fox hunting, vivisection, factory farming, the fur trade, wild animal circuses and mini zoos. He was very active in the campaign to stop the cruel sport of dog racing returning to Walthamstow. He has been vegan for over ten years.

“It is time for a genuine green voice in Waltham Forest to help address the serious issues we face – like climate change, pandemics –and to work towards a better quality of life for everyone, not just the wealthy few. The Green Party believes all life should be respected and that we should live in harmony with the planet.”


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