Focus on Leytonstone

Our Leytonstone candidates 

RoseMary Warrington, Charlotte Lafferty and Mark Dawes

RoseMary Warrington 

RoseMary Warrington has lived in Waltham Forest since 1981. She has been a member of the Green Party since 2009 and has been active locally and in the London Green Party. She has been a candidate in local council elections for the Green Party since 2010. 

She is on the steering group of Transition Leytonstone, on the committee of Bushwood Residents Association, volunteers with OrganicLea. She was part of the group that campaigned against the land grab by the Olympics that left Waltham Forest with less open space and fewer sporting facilities from 2010 into 2015 in some cases. This included the degradation of Lea Valley Marshes by the building and demolition of a temporary basketball training venue which exposed significant dust from historic toxic landfill to local residents; and the siting of surface to air missiles on tower blocks including the iconic Bryant and May match factory, and the Fred Wiggs residential tower block in Leytonstone. 

RoseMary supports the stop the incinerator rebuild campaign which commits Waltham Forest to a 50 year of outdated technology and disincentives to recycle with air pollution that can reach all of Leabridge on a northwest wind. 

She supported the Low Hall Fields campaign against the take over of this green space for a temporary summer cinema which would have damaged wildlife and disturbed residents. The promoter has withdrawn for 2021 but saplings were uprooted in preparation for the event and whose promoter may reapply for 2022 so she will continue to monitor this. 

She has been an officer of the Waltham Forest Green Party since 2011 and of the London Green Party since 2012 and on the committee of Green Party Women 2012 to 2019. 

Charlotte Lafferty 

I currently live in Leyton and work for a non-profit from home. I’m so proud of being part of the Leyton and Leytonstone community, I will be working hard for people and planet if elected and ensure that all in the area are listened to and have their voice heard on the council. 

Coming from a working class family, I know first-hand the harm that other party’s policies do and I will fight hard to push back on them. Over the years, I have worked in various customer service/retail and hospitality roles and I’m an advocate for workers’ rights. As a London renter, I know how outrageous the cost of living has become, I will be putting forward the case for rent caps, home insulations, universal basic income and many other Green Party policies so that no one has to choose between heating or eating. I will work to ensure that everyone has a green space nearby and will back projects like ‘Save Lea Marshes’ and their plan to transform the filter beds on Lea Bridge Road into a place for wild swimming. 

I will also put pressure on the council to remove support for projects such as the Edmonton incinerator and Silvertown tunnel; both absurd and the last thing we need when tackling the climate emergency, as well as being huge risks to our health by polluting our air. 

 Mark Dawes 

Mark Dawes has lived in the Leytonstone area for over 30 years and has been active in the Green Party in Waltham Forest for over 20 years. 

He has been an active campaigner on many issues particularly the environment and animal rights – campaigning against fox hunting, vivisection, factory farming, the fur trade, wild animal circuses and mini zoos. He was very active in the campaign to stop the cruel sport of dog racing returning to Walthamstow. He has been vegan for over ten years. Mark has campaigned on climate change for over 20 years and is currently an activist with the environmental group Emergency Reactor. 

“It is time for a genuine green voice in Waltham Forest to help address the serious issues we face – like climate change – and to work towards a better quality of life for everyone, not just the wealthy few. We need to decouple human development from environmental impacts so we can live in harmony with the planet. The Green Party believes all life should be respected and that we should protect nature and the environment.”





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