Our Policies


  • We would ensure that new housing is fit for the future - it needs to be sustainable and not contribute to climate change now.  
  • Existing housing also needs to be more energy efficient and insulated; we would support residents to make these improvements to their homes. 
  • The Green Party in London has proposed a fair system of rent controls so that fair rents can be applied to both social housing and private tenants whilst not affecting the security of their tenancy. 


  • We want to encourage and support people to walk so we need to make our streets safer.  We would aim to improve the 5 most dangerous junctions in the borough to ensure pedestrian safety is prioritised and provide pedestrian signals at all signalised junctions in the borough.  
  • We are also concerned with the increase in unregulated electric delivery bikes and scooters over the last year, in particular bikes and scooters that have been modified so that their top speed is no longer restricted.  In conjunction with the police, we would look at ways to ensure these electric bikes are not a danger to pedestrians, especially those with impaired mobility, and cyclists. 
  • We would also look at ways to reduce the number of car journeys taken for improving safety and the environment.


  • Poor air quality kills Londoners every year and is particularly harmful to the long-term health of children.  With this in mind it is madness that the council is so committed to building a huge incinerator on the Waltham Forest border in Edmonton.  At a time when we should be investing in reducing waste and reusing and recycling wherever possible we are instead committing ourselves to burning more of our waste and causing more air pollution. 


  • Access to green and blue spaces is essential for human physical and mental well-being. It is equally as important for biodiversity and the well-being of our environment. We will do everything we can to protect all our open spaces - including our Metropolitan Open Land, our trees and our parks - from development.
  • We will protect the Orient Pocket Park from destruction and ensure no more of the marshes disappear under housing, hotels or sporting venues; and we will work to re-wild our community wherever possible.
  • In recent years due to global warming, we have seen increased flash flooding around the borough. This will only increase in future so it is important that we develop solutions to this problem now.  Green spaces are important to soak up excess water. 
  • We need to ensure that large new-build developments have proper water management plans and where possible use technology like porous pavements in places like the town hall development.


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