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Ashley GunstockPost election update

Perhaps I was a little tentative at the start of our campaign, having done this many times before. But buoyed by the Green surge of enthusiastic, fresh-faced members, I started to feel hopeful that we could build on our years of endeavour and combine it with the new energy to have some impact – and we did! Not only am I still buzzing from getting our deposit back, I feel even more jubilant about coming third with 7.3%, beating UKIP and the Lib Dems. None of this would’ve been possible without the dedicated, focused and inspirational team of about thirty people around me. Each gave up a slice of their lives, to make our dream possible and I am truly grateful to them all!

Recipe for success? Strategy; Leadership; Teamwork. Mix in: Boldness; Innovation; Data.



Original candidate announcement

Theatrical producer, artistic director, actor and local Redbridge resident, Ashley Gunstock has been selected to stand as the Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Leyton and Wanstead parliamentary constituency.

Now in his twenty-fifth year as a Green activist, Ashley is the party’s Lead Speaker in Redbridge and well-known for his community presence – having stood for the Greens at council, GLA and parliamentary elections – seeing his vote rise by 50% in the area. He is also a member of his local Friends of the Earth group, with whom he works to influence borough planning decisions, as well was being instrumental in helping Redbridge gain Fairtrade status and being involved with peace, anti-war & anti-fascist movements which seek his Green Party endorsement.

Ashley says:

Enough is enough! It’s time that we take a more positive approach to the way we organise and conduct our lives. The mainstream parties offer nothing but more (or even less) of the same old tired and failed policies, while the alternative to us is crude in the extreme. Therefore I urge the electorate to take a good, true and long hard look at the vibrant, radical and relevant Green Party approach to issues such as immigration, the economy, crime and education, which affect us all – and seriously consider voting Green on 7th May 2015.


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