Lee Burkwood - Havering and Redbridge

The Green Party has chosen 25-year-old Redbridge resident Lee Burkwood as its candidate for the Havering & Redbridge constituency in the London Assembly elections next May.

Originally from Chingford, Lee works for an education software company in Docklands. He is part of the Homes For All campaign and as a member of the Unite union he is a passionate campaigner for an end to zero hours contracts, a living wage for all and more trade union representation in the workplace. He has also recently taken on the role as a London Young Green Borough Representative for Redbridge.

“I am delighted and honoured to have been selected as the Green Party candidate in Havering & Redbridge,” he said. “I will be campaigning at the forthcoming London elections over low pay, the lack of affordable housing and for rent caps. I also want the London Assembly to make transport fares fairer for people in the outer London boroughs and I want a real solution for poor air quality in London.”

Sian Berry, this year’s Green candidate for Mayor, said:

“Congratulations to Lee on his selection. We’re planning our most ambitious London campaign ever next year because this city needs the Greens more than ever. We’ve reached crisis point, most notably on housing but also on transport and air pollution, and we need a different approach that is both credible and radical. I’m convinced that with our record membership and our line-up of candidates we can win our best vote yet for Mayor and end up holding the balance of power in the body that decides the Mayor’s budget - the London Assembly.”

Lee in Person

Monday 11 April
Barkingside 21 Hustings

Tuesday 12 April
London Jewish Forum Hustings
Redbridge Jewish Community Centre (Sinclair House)

Friday 15 April
GLA Hustings organised by MEND
IIC Community Hall, 52-58 Albert Road, Ilford IG1 1HW

Lee on the Web

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