RoseMary Warrington - London list candidate

RoseMary Warrington

RoseMary Warrington is a list candidate for the london-wide election. This is the orange ballot paper, where you vote for a party rather than an individual. As such her name won't be on the ballot sheet, but if the Green Party get enough votes, RoseMary could be elected to the London Assembly.

Rosemary has lived in East London since 1975 when she came to study at Queen Mary University of London. She graduated in mathematics and went into computing, most recently working as a business analyst. Always involved in social justice and environment issues, RoseMary has been an active member of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party for several years, as well as serving as secretary and membership team member of the London Green Party.

RoseMary also sits on the steering group of her local Transition Initiative, and on the committee of her residents’ association.

Growing up on a farm in Staffordshire, RoseMary is particularly concerned by what goes into our food and where it comes from. She has a key role in organizing a local and organic fresh produce stall, providing the community with a healthy and low-carbon alternative to supermarket fare.

She is living proof that “Politicians are not all the same, a vote for the Green Party is a vote for change.”

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25 January 2016RoseMary Warrington comments on City Airport flight path changes

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