Samir Jeraj - North East London

The Green Party have announced that Samir Jeraj has been selected to be their candidate in the North East constituency in the upcoming London Assembly election. The election will take place in May 2016 and the Green Party expect to build on the party’s third place in 2012.

The selection follows an open election of members in the Waltham Forest & Redbridge, Hackney and Islington Green Parties.

The Green Party came third in 2012 with 29,677 votes, just behind the Conservative Party who secured 35,714. Following a recent surge in membership and support, the Green Party is tipped to perform extremely well in next May’s London elections. The party already has two members on the London Assembly, Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson.

Samir Jeraj is currently employed by a race equality charity; working on inequality and discrimination in housing, health, criminal justice and social care. He is also one of the two co-ordinators of Hackney Green Party, having been a member for over 11 years. Samir was successfully elected to Norwich City Council in 2008 and spent four years working on issues ranging from cuts in social services to neighbourhood policing. He also served as spokesperson on Community Development and as Deputy Leader of the Opposition on the council.

Samir said: “"I am delighted and excited to have been selected as the Green Party candidate for London's North East constituency. The Greens already have two Assembly Members and we have a real chance to get even more people elected in May. The main focuses of my campaign will be to create decent, affordable and secure housing, working to make London a healthier city and tackling inequality. These are amongst the biggest issues people in Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest are facing on a daily basis and to which Greens have real solutions."


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