Sinead King - Chingford and Woodford Green

Sinead was born to Irish parents, educated at a Scottish comprehensive, completed her law degree at Oxford and has lived in Wanstead for the last 9 years.  As a self-employed barrister, she works with SMEs, public authorities, trade unions, doctors, nurses and teachers in relation to their employment and discrimination cases.  She also negotiates on behalf of SMEs, helping them trade effectively with bigger companies keen to push them into terms they can’t afford to accept, and helps settle their disputes without the need for court proceedings.  

Sinead says: “My drive comes down to one thing: I don’t like bullies.  I don’t like people being taken advantage of because they don’t know their way around a system. I don’t like seeing others taking advantage of their position or creating obstacles for no other reason than that they lack the imagination to get out of the way.  Too often top-down decision making doesn’t think through its effects, and as a result it’s the squeezed middle or the most vulnerable members of society who suffer.   I want to help improve the quality of decision-making.

"I joined the Greens as part of the Green Surge. I was drawn to their new form of politics: one where every voice counts.  Their ambition: the determination to look after all the resources of this country for the long term.  Their values: the belief in safeguarding the community and the environment, raising standards of living, and the recognition that everyone in the country has to something to contribute.  Politics shouldn’t be about busy work or fighting over who is to blame, but about looking to the future, working together and getting things done.  Now, more than ever, we are needed.”


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