Ashley Gunstock - Leyton and Wanstead

Ashley is married with a 21-year-old son and is an actor of over 40 years’ experience, a teacher and a qualified Football Association coach.

Having lived in the Leyton & Wanstead constituency since 1998, Ashley believes that he is connected with its residents, via his links with local schools and football clubs, as well as its demographic and political landscape. A Green campaigner for 30 years’, he has worked enthusiastically and tirelessly in the constituency on a wide range of issues, helping to raise the party profile and increase its vote by over 50%. Ashley is the party’s Lead Speaker in Redbridge and well-known for his community presence – having stood for the Greens at council, GLA and parliamentary elections.

Ashley believes that, given his work in the borough, he has the experience, coupled with an established local profile, to ensure that the party continues to strengthen its Green presence in the area.

Ashley says: "Enough is enough! It’s about time that we take a more positive approach to the way we organise and conduct our lives. The so-called mainstream parties offer nothing but more (or even less) of the same old tired and failed policies. At the 2015 General Election, we came third, beat the Lib Dems and UKIP and reclaimed our deposit for the first time in Leyton & Wanstead.  I urge the electorate to take a long hard look at the vibrant, radical and relevant Green Party approach to issues such as immigration, the economy, crime and education, which affect us all – and seriously consider voting Green on December 12th."

Ashley in Person

Monday 25 November, 
7pm - 9pm

East London Humanists Hustings:
Climate and the Environment
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Wanstead Library (map)

Spratt Hall Rd,
London E11 2RQ, UK



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