David Reynolds - Ilford North

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David in Person

Tuesday 26 November, 
7pm - 9pm

Jewish Community Hustings
See https://www.thejlc.org/ilford_north_hustings

Sinclair House, Woodford Bridge Rd, London IG4 5LN, UK



David on the Web

Thursday 2nd April 2015 - Barkingside 21 Ilford North Candidate profile submission

All known candidates for the Ilford North constituency in the 2015 General Election have been offered 400 words on this blog. They will be published if and when they are received.

Saturday 11th April 2015 - Green Party and UKIP candidates overlooked in political debate

Local party member, Deborah Fink, represents David from the floor with his permission, posing several questions and presenting Green Party policy.

Sunday 19th April 2015 - Ilford Recorder - Barkingside 21 Hustings

Green candidate Mr Reynolds hits out at the bedroom tax, branding it the “most pernicious since before the poll tax”.

Monday 20th April 2015 - Ilford Recorder - NHS Hustings report

Asked their views on PFI (private finance initiative) contracts, Green candidate David Reynolds said the party would look at buying them out.

Monday 20th April 2015 - Ilford Recorder - Pensioners' Hustings

The Green Party’s David Reynolds said privatisation of gas and electricity was a disaster.

Tuesday 21st April 2015 - Ilford Recorder - Online social media hustings

Green candidate David Reynolds said the party wanted to focus on education, and also said anti-Semitism “can’t be tolerated in any form”.

Thursday 23rd April 2015 - Ilford Recorder - Election Profile

A brief introduction to David Reynolds.

Thursday 23rd April - Ilford Recorder - Woodbridge Highschool Hustings report

Mr Reynolds, who would abolish tuition fees, criticised Labour for originally introducing them.

David on Twitter


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