London 2020 Candidates

London Mayoral Candidate - Sian Berry

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London Assembly Candidates

Assembly Members come from constituency candidates and list candidates.

Constituency Candidates

Constituency candidates are voted using a "First Past the Post" system and if elected will represent the constituency they are standing for, similar to how an MP might represent an area.  The Green Party candidates for the two constituencies we cover are:

London North East - Caroline Russell

Havering and Redbridge - Melanie Collins

London List Candidates

The remaining assembly members are selected based on how many votes a party received across London.  Meaning, the more Green voters across London, the more Green Assembly Members there will be. We currently have two members, Sian Berry and Caroline Russell. If we want more, we need more Green voters voting Green on the London List ballot paper.  Our candidates are listed in order, meaning, if we get 2 seats, then only Sian and Caroline are elected.  If we get 3, then Zack Polanski is also elected, and so on.

Sian Berry

Caroline Russell

Zack Polanski

Benali Hamdache

Gulnar Hasnain

Dr Shahrar Ali

Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah

Ben Fletcher

Scott Ainslie

Hannah Graham

Peter Underwood



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