Get Involved

Get involved

As a local party we work in small action groups reporting to the main monthly business meeting.  Please be involved!  Anyone at all can support what we do, from a couple of hours leafleting to taking a shift on twitter, to of course standing as a candidate for local council or general election

More information can be found in the members section. You can be part of:

Campaigns team - being eyes and ears of our area, finding campaigns and planning actions around them.

Communications and Media team - looking out for stories, writing press releases and letters, tweeting about campaigns.

Membership and Volunteering team - welcoming new members, working out new and interesting ways of getting people involved, leafleting, canvassing and more.

Events and Fundraising team - events to raise awareness of the big issues, awareness of the party, and raising the funds needed to make everything possible.

Target Ward teams - teams that work in a very specific area of the borough with the aim of getting councillors elected so that we can have more influence.  It's a long game!

Please come along to a meeting or email, tell us your postcode and phone number and someone will give you a call!