Get Involved

Get involved

Anyone at all can support what we do, from a couple of hours leafleting, to helping to design the leaflets, taking a shift on social media, to, of course, standing as a candidate for local council or general election


We tend to work in smaller cooperative teams to make decisions and report into the rest of the party once a month. You could be help with:

Campaigns team - being eyes and ears of our area, finding campaigns and planning actions around them.

Communications and Media team - looking out for stories, writing press releases and letters, tweeting about campaigns.

Membership and Volunteering team - welcoming new members, working out new and interesting ways of getting people involved, leafleting, canvassing and more.

Events and Fundraising team - events to raise awareness of the big issues, awareness of the party, and raising the funds needed to make everything possible.

Target Ward teams - teams that work in a very specific area of the borough with the aim of getting councillors elected so that we can have more influence.  It's a long game!

Please come along to a meeting or email, tell us your postcode and phone number and someone will give you a call!

Officer roles 

The local party has a number of elected roles to ensure the party runs correctly and is coordinated in its efforts. These roles are up for re-election at our yearly AGMs. 

If any of the positions are not filled then the Business Meeting will manage the responsibilities of the unfilled position until such time as a candidate is elected into the position.



 The key tasks for this role are:

  1. To facilitate contributions from all members and to chair the Business Meeting and Discussion Meetings (if required).

  2. To maintain and facilitate communication with the regional and national Green Party.

  3. Be the local party contact for anyone interested in joining the local party, for members and any other outside party.

  4. Compiling the agenda for meetings and distributing it.

It is desirable, but not required, that the Local Party Coordinator will have experience of working

within the Green Party, and will have established good working relationships within the Local Party.


The key tasks for this role are:

  1. Have overall responsibility for all financial transactions and bank accounts.

  2. To maintain accurate accounts.

  3. Submit reports to the national party as and when required.

  4. To provide financial advice and support as required


The Secretary provides administrative support to the Local Party, including:

  1. Holding accurate records and minutes of meetings, ensuring they are approved.

  2. The secretary will ensure these are available to members on request.

  3. To uphold the constitution

Election Agent

The election agent will:

  1. Ensure all processes, procedures and legislation is followed in all election-related activities.

  2. Oversee each candidate’s election campaign.

  3. Advise the Business Meeting of any requirements and actions needed to support candidates and elected Councillors and MPs.

  4. Be aware of the requirements and advice of the national Agent and ensure they are implemented as necessary.

  5. Be responsible for all spending during election periods to ensure compliance with election rules.

Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary will:

  1. Maintain an accurate database of members.

  2. Send a welcome pack to all new members.

  3. Maintain mailing lists.

  4. Ensure WF&RGP is compliant with the Data Protection Act and any other relevant legislation.

  5. Coordinate the membership and volunteers group to communicate with members and volunteers and encourage them to participate with the local party.

Fundraising / Events Group (Vacant, please contact us if you are interested in this role)

Fundraising Coordinator will:

  1. coordinate the Group
  2. support local members to organising fundraising events and other events for the Green Party

Campaigns co-ordinator

The Campaigns Co-ordinator will:

  1. Be aware of national campaigns and how the local party might get involved in them.

  2. Suggest campaigns appropriate to the local party’s resources.

  3. Co-ordinate local campaigns including the actions and media - and involvement in national demonstrations.

  4. Coordinate the Campaigns Group and chair Campaigns meetings.

Election coordinators (Vacant, please contact us if you are interested in this role)

Election Coordinators will manage an individual campaign and coordinate the following:

  1. Co-ordinate election campaigns including candidates, the production of leaflets, leafleting and canvassing.

  2. Encourage members to stand in elections and provide on-going support.

  3. Maintain close liaison with the Election Agent at all times.

  4. Recruit, mentor and support all candidates.

Media coordinator

The media coordinator is responsible for:

  1. Advice and support in the creation/publication of press releases, announcements, news articles etc.

  2. Coordinate press releases and letters to the local media.

  3. Identify media opportunities advantageous to WF&RGP through local press, radio, TV and blogs.

  4. Establish and maintain good relationships with the relevant local media.

  5. Coordinate the Media Group.

The Media Group will also produce the newsletter.

  1. Edit the newsletter of the local party and distribute it to the membership.

  2. Invite contributions from all members and ensure a balanced mixture of items.

  3. Include all local party information as agreed and required.

Digital Officer (Vacant, please contact us if you are interested in this role)

  1. To help set the strategy for the local party's digital media campaigns, through Facebook, Twitter the local party website, and any new platform you believe we should embrace.
  2. Help keep these platforms up to date, either directly, or by helping others within the party to be able to post updates as part of a team.

Delegate to London Federation of Green Parties (Vacant, please contact us if you are interested in this role)

The delegate to the London Federation of Green Parties will:

  1. Represent the local party at the London level, voting to support agree-on local party views when required.

  2. Feedback information and requirements from the London Federation regularly.