Greens join Anti-Racism Demonstration

22 March 2014

Members of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party joined the anti-racism demonstration in Central London on Saturday 22nd March. The event marked UN Anti-Racism Day. The demonstration ended with a rally in Trafalgar Square with a number of speakers including London Green MEP Jean Lambert.

Sadly, there has been a rise in racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism across Europe as immigrants are often scapegoated for the severe austerity policies being pursued by Governments, policies which are unnecessary and cause suffering to the most vulnerable when it is was wealthy bankers who caused the financial problems – the same bankers who are currently being paid massive bonuses. In this country we have seen the rise of hard right parties like the BNP and now UKIP who seek to blame immigrants for problems they did not cause.

The Green Party is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and opposes hate-based behaviour, whether directed at people because of their faith, race - or just hatred of 'the other'.

“We need to send out a clear message that we will not tolerant racism and the hard right by voting for progressive parties like the Green Party in the forthcoming European and Council elections” said Steve Lambert of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party. “Too often immigrants and the most vulnerable are being made to suffer for the failure of an unjust economic system” he added.