Greens comment on E11 BID

22 April 2014

Local businesses are being asked to pay levies to the E11 BID despite the company being under investigation for financial mismanagement and failing to pay taxes and keep their accounts. See - "The E11 Business Improvement District company is slammed in independent report". Local businesses I have spoke to are understandably very unhappy about this and would expect money they pay to be used correctly and be accountable – and that does not seemed to have happened.

It is also concerning that the E11 BID board members when the mismanagement occurred includes councillors putting themselves up for election in May when they will have responsibility for the finances of Waltham Forest. Among them is Clyde Loakes who seems very keen on self publicity on issues like spitting – whilst no one likes spitting, the use of the law on this is certainly questionable – but has been less than forthcoming when asked to explain his role as an E11 BID board member.