Greens condemn cruelty on the menu

13 May 2014

The Green Party was very disappointed to see foie gras on the menu from Bidoche this Saturday in E17. It is part of Grub Club which offers the opportunity for people to cook and invite diners. But allowing foie gras on the menu has added unnecessary cruelty to evening. The production of foie gras is very cruel and causes great suffering to ducks and geese. It is so cruel that the production of foie gras has been banned in the UK.

Foie gras is produced by force feeding ducks or geese huge amounts of food so that their livers swell painfully to up to ten times their normal size. This is done by pumping large quantities of corn and fat directly into their stomachs via a funnel, up to four times a day for up to 18 days, this causes the birds great suffering. The diseased livers of the ducks and geese are then sold and cooked as “high class” cuisine - foie-gras.

“It is sad to see this cruel product being offered by Bidoche and promoted by Grub Club in Waltham Forest” said Mark Dawes of Waltham Forest & Redbridge Green Party. “It is a shame because the idea of Grub Club is good - getting people together over food. However, cruelty should never be on the menu which is certainly the case with foie gras and shame on Bidoche for offering it” he added.