Comment on the local election results

27 May 2014

The Green Party would like to thank everyone who voted Green in the local and Euro elections. The Greens increased their vote, often finishing second only to Labour, and can be considered to be the third party in Waltham Forest ahead of the Liberal Democrats. The Greens also retained their seat in the European Parliament where Jean Lambert will continue as a MEP.

It was also good to see Waltham Forest reject the xenophobia of UKIP and the loss of Conservative seats is a rejection of the Iain Duncan Smith Conservatism where those on benefits are scapegoated for the failings of the rich bankers.

The election of Labour shows that Waltham Forest is a progressive borough and the Greens will be pushing to make it more progressive, rejecting austerity and cuts on public services and working towards a society where everyone benefits not just the wealthy few.