Comment on controversy over Roast, halal restaurant in Wanstead

29 May 2014

The main concern on this issue is animal welfare and the Green Party has a long history of campaigning locally on animal welfare, for example, against foie gras at Provender and opposing dog racing in Walthamstow. The most humane way of slaughtering an animal is pre-stunning the animal first. This should not be a problem with halal as pre-stunning is accepted by halal, indeed over 80% of halal meat produced in the UK is pre-stunned. We would like to see Roast source their meat from pre-stunned slaughtered sources.

However, this does not mean that standard slaughter is without problems. Secret filming by Animal Aid has revealed abuses and cruelty in standard slaughterhouses and we fully support their campaign to make CCTV mandatory in all slaughterhouses - please sign the petition. Also, it is important that comments on halal are not due to islamophobia under the pretence of animal welfare. The media has a role to play in not inflaming the issue.

Of course, the best way to avoid animal cruelty is not to eat meat at all!