Greens call for boycott of Zippos Circus

11 September 2014

It is very disappointing to see that Zippos Circus is coming to Barkingside in Redbridge later this month. Zippos Circus are one of few circuses in the UK that continues to use animals, the majority of UK circuses do not use animals. Zippos Circus uses Horses, Ponies and Budgerigars in their performances.

Using any animal in a circus is cruel. Whilst horses and ponies may be domesticated animals, they too suffer in circuses and are often forced to perform tricks under duress. The animals spend large amounts of time being transported around the country and are often being tethered for long periods when not travelling so do not get enough exercise. It is about time animal circuses were banned to stop the suffering of the animals involved.

And it is disappointing that the Ilford Recorder is promoting this cruel circus with their competition in this week’s paper. I hope the Ilford Recorder reconsiders this promotion so as not to be supporting animal cruelty.