Waltham Forest Hosts Banner Theatre

15 October 2014

Photo of Banner Theatre performance

We supported the inaugural event of the 'New Putney Debates' last week - a performance and discussion by the Banner Theatre.

The New Putney debates are organised by Occupy to commerate the original debates in 1647 when, at St Mary's Church Putney, both civilians and soldiers from Cromwell's New Model Army debated the new constitution for England after the Civil War. The debates were about creating a fairer, more egalitarian society; a debate that is still very relevant today. The Banner Theatre was established some 40 years ago; Agitating, Educating and Propagating has been a most successful tactic for change but, in recent years, we have forgotten this.

The group performed in the Waltham Forest Social Club at the Town; using music, spoken word and video images and interviews we were told two stories. The first the inspiring story of the parents, teachers and pupils of Downhills Primary School in Haringey and their struggle to stop the school being turned into an Academy. Following this, the group performed agit-prop at its best to highlight the effects of Austerity, the cuts and the dismantling of the NHS.

If you missed it, the Banner Theatre will be in Lewisham in November. See - www.bannertheatre.co.uk/list-of-upcoming-gigs

And the Putney debates continue for the next few weeks - inspiring events covering topics chiming with Green values such as trade treaties, alternative energy policy and income policy. See - www.thenewputneydebates.com/programme