Greens support protest against factory farming

22 November 2014

Members of Waltham Forest Animal Protection Group protesting against factory farming 

Greens supported the Waltham Forest Animal Protection group who protested outside Nando’s on Saturday November 22nd in Walthamstow against factory farming with particular focus on the cruel way chickens are factory farmed. Nearly all the chickens sold by Nando’s come from factory farms. The protest was part of a national day of protest against Nando’s organised by the campaigning group VIVA (

Factory farmed chickens live for only six to seven weeks and are kept in vast, crowded sheds and most never see the light of day. The sheds contain 30-40,000 thousand chickens with each chicken having the space of the size of an A4 sheet of paper. The chickens have been selectively bred to grow quickly with the result that their bones are unable to support their weight which causes crippling pain.

Many chickens die prematurely and the unhealthy conditions means diseases spread quickly which cause Salmonella and Campylobacter food poisoning as well as Bird Flu.

Overall meat consumption in Britain continues to decline yet chicken sales grow, with 945 million birds slaughtered last year. 94 per cent of all farmed animals killed in this country are chickens.

The protest was well received by the general public with many people expressing their support and opposition to factory farming.

“Factory farming is extremely cruel with animals and birds treated like products rather than the living creatures they are” said Mark Dawes of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party who participated in the protest.“And it is possible to eat cruelty-free at Nando’s as they do have vegan options which are also much healthier” he added.