Greens support protest against British Heart Foundation

14 February 2015

Mark Dawes (pictured above) of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party joined the protest held by the Waltham Forest Animal Protection Group against the British Heart Foundation (BHF), who test on animals, in Wanstead.

The action was part of a national day of action to highlight that the BHF fund animal testing. BHF test on numerous animals including dogs, sheep, pigs, ponies and mice - and the number runs into the thousands. Not only does this cause great suffering to animals but it is poor science too as animal physiology is very different to humans and makes such research unreliable. There are far more effective ways to carry out scientific research on heart, indeed all medical issues that do not use animals.

“The public are often unaware of the cruelty of the animal tests funded by BHF and a large number would reconsider donating if they were. If BHF spent their resources on humane scientific research, not only would animal suffering be stopped, but humans would benefit too,” said Mark.