Membership of the Green Party in London hits 10,000

23 February 2015

Local membership up 354% in 12 months

On February 17th, membership of the London Green Party topped 10,000 members for the very first time. Since mid-January 2015 an astounding 4,000 Londoners have joined. The party estimates that a new member is signing up every 3 minutes, doubling the area’s membership in the last 3 months.

The incredible surge witnessed by the Greens in London faithfully mirrors the massive rise in the party’s national standing and membership in recent weeks. The combined UK Green Parties registered their 50,000th member at the end of January.

Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party will be fielding election candidates in all five local constituencies after membership soared by 354% in the 12 months since January 2014. The party have also been crowdfunding to raise the money for their campaign.

Membership Officer for the London Green Party Noel Lynch said:

“As membership officer I’ve witnessed so many new-joiners in recent weeks that we’re having to find larger venues to host our new-members’ meetings. People come to our party for all sorts of reasons but there is a shared excitement and energy arising from the knowledge that they are participating in a popular and expanding movement, ready to deliver real change to politics in Britain. I’ve been in the party a few years now but believe me, that new energy is incredibly contagious!”

Co-Chair of the London Green Party Caroline Allen said:

“People are appreciating that our party is really fighting hard on the issues that matter to Londoners – providing affordable housing, tackling damaging air pollution, delivering a quality and affordable train service, and creating a fairer economy. With less than 100 days to go to the election, we’re urging all our supporters and members to make sure that they are registered to vote and ready to have their say on May 7th”.