Greens reply to British Heart Foundation

26 February 2015

It is disappointing that Simon Gillespie, chief executive of BHF, claims there is no alternative to animal tests (Charity hits back at animal rights protesters – February 19th) as it is not the case. There are, in fact, a wealth of alternative approaches in cardiovascular research including the use of microfluidics, computer modeling, use of human derived materials, high resolution scanning.

The fact is the BHF funds cruel tests on animals - including dogs, sheep, pigs, ponies and mice - when the difference between animal and human physiology makes results unreliable and money raised would be better spent on non-animal research.

It is sad that a charity whose motivation is compassion to people is so blindly indifferent to the suffering of animals and it is a shame that people who care about animals feel unable to support the charity. It is about time animal testing was ended and I am proud that the Green Party is the only major political party who oppose all vivisection – and supported the protest.