Greens join March for Climate Action

7 March 2015

Mark Dawes, of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Party

Members of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party joined the It’s Time to Act march for action on climate change last Saturday, March 7th.

The aim of the march was to put pressure on all political parties before the General Election to take action on climate change. Later in 2015 there will be the Climate Coalition lobby of Parliament in June, and in December governments will come together in Paris to strike a new deal for the climate.

The march began in Lincoln Inn Fields and ended outside Parliament with speakers including Green MP Caroline Lucas.

Caroline said:

“We’re reaching a tipping point in the cost of energy. The price of gas and oil is predicted to keep rising, while renewable energy is becoming rapidly cheaper. Within a few years clean power will be less expensive than dirty power. But apparently oblivious to the win-win-win potential of investment in renewables, this Government is ploughing money into nuclear power and exploiting yet another fossil fuel – shale gas. It’s the very last thing we should be doing.”

There is now a scientific consensus that climate change is happening and it is the result of human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels and the farming of animals for meat and dairy products. In fact, it is happening at a faster rate than previously thought. Unless action is taken now, the planet will experience more extreme weather, food shortages, mass extinction of species, escalating wars over resources and forced migration.

Action is needed now if the worst effects of climate change are to be avoided. To prevent warming from getting out of control, fossil fuels must be left in the ground. This entails a massive investment in renewables rather than in short-term and disruptive ‘solutions’ such as fracking. It means saving energy by insulating and converting all homes and all public and private buildings, and a shift from cars to public transport. It means a dedicated workforce to create this infrastructure – one million climate jobs. It also means moving away from a meat and dairy-based diet. And it means the UK supporting a global agreement to cut warming emissions of all kinds, speedily, with fairness and justice.

“Climate change is the biggest threat facing the planet and we need to take action now” said Mark Dawes of Waltham Forest & Redbridge Green Party. “The Green Party is the only party serious about climate change as we support the move to renewable energy and away from climate destructive industries such as fracking,” he added.