Waltham Forest & Redbridge Green Party: A Full Slate of Five

1 April 2015

A photo of all 5 Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party Candidates

Ilford North and South Candidate Announcement

Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party are delighted to announce their final two prospective Parliamentary candidates: David Reynolds and RoseMary Warrington.  Mr. Reynolds will be contesting the seat of Ilford North (current MP Lee Scott, Con) and Ms Warrington will be standing against Mike Gapes (Lab) in Ilford South. They join our three existing candidates, Michael Gold (Walthamstow), Rebecca Tully (Chingford and Woodford Green) and Ashley Gunstock (Leyton and Wanstead).

An insurance broker, father of two and Redbridge resident for 20 years, David Reynolds has said that, if elected, his main priority would be to address the harsh inequalities which have accelerated during the past 5 years under the Conservative-led coalition government. Following Green Party policy, he would offer a fresh approach, based on sustainability, social justice, and greater equality and fairness.

David Reynolds stated: “It is outrageous that the government has been making the less well-off pay the price of a  financial crisis for which they are not responsible. Their austerity programme has cut many much-needed benefits across the board as well as introducing the spiteful bedroom tax.”

Redbridge services currently under under threat through funding cuts are the Sure Start Children’s Centres, vital to busy parents, and others central to the cultural development of the young, such as the much-loved Redbridge Music Service. 

Mr.Reynolds added: “What makes it even worse is that the austerity programme has been a dismal failure in economic terms, with a huge increase in the national debt under this government, despite their pledge to balance the books by this year.  One would once have expected Labour to present a robust alternative to this, but all they can offer the country today is more of the same.” 

The General Election takes place on Thursday May 7th.