Greens condemn Liberal Democrat dishonesty

20 April 2015

Leyton & Wanstead Liberal Democrat candidate Carl Quilliam has his leaflet showing a graph representing the previous election result claiming only the Liberal Democrats can beat Labour. Unfortunately the graph is extremely misleading showing the last result as having the Liberal Democrats around 4% behind Labour when in fact it was 16% and the claim that the Liberal Democrats can win is a downright lie. The fact is there is more chance of aliens landing in Leytonstone High Road before May 7th than the Liberal Democrats taking this seat!

Nick Clegg claims the Liberal Democrats could be the brains or heart of a new coalition but their lack of grasp of simple mathematics shows little evidence of any brains and the heart is a dishonest one.

The fact is this is a safe Labour seat and this shows the failure of the current electoral system where the results of the three Waltham Forest seats are a foregone conclusion and peoples votes will not affect who forms the next Government. We need an electoral system where everyone’s votes count not just those in swing constituencies.