Green response to UKIP climate change scepticism

26 April 2015

Andrew Smith of UKIP shows his complete ignorance of climate science (letter in the Waltham Forest Guardian) by saying there is doubt as to whether climate change is caused by human activity. There is no doubt – the science says that climate change is caused by human activity and that we need to take action now.

His letter is not just ignorant but is irresponsible and even immoral. People are dying now due to the effects of climate change – in countries like Bangladesh – so to be in denial and advocate no action is to condemn people in those countries to having no future - all because the policies to address climate change do not fit in with the hard right policies espoused by UKIP. And UKIP even believes in cutting the foreign aid budget which will also have grave effects to the poor and vulnerable in the developing world.

We need to take action now to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change and any debate on climate change should not be about whether it is happening or not – the science has told us the answer – but what policies are best to help. And I am proud on this issue it is the Green Party that is leading the way.