Greens work to stop the return of a cruel sport

26 May 2015

The recent election of the Conservative Government was bad news for progressive politics in this country. Not only will we see the poor and vulnerable in society suffer more and our rights as citizens diminished by the scrapping of the Human Rights Act, but the Tories also plan to repeal the Hunting Act and bring back the cruel sport of fox hunting.

This move is not only bad news for the foxes who will die appalling deaths for the pleasure of sadistic fox hunters but it is totally undemocratic, since it fails to represent the wishes of the British public. An IPSOS MORI poll shows that a full 80% of rural and city dwellers alike want to see a continued ban on fox hunting. Repealing the ban will be a slap in the face for democracy in this country, as well as a massive backward step for animal welfare.  Animals suffer too much in our society anyway and we should be moving towards a more compassionate society, not towards a crueller one.

To their credit, local Labour MPs John Cryer and Stella Creasy have opposed the repeal of the Hunting Act in the past but Conservative MP Iain Duncan Smith has consistently shown support for fox hunting. I urge all of Iain Duncan Smith’s constituents to write to him and urge him to show compassion and vote against repealing the Hunting Act. The Green Party will do everything within its power to prevent the re-introduction of this cruel sport.