Local Green joins protest against slaughterhouses

14 June 2015

Mark Dawes (centred, holding the poster behind the banner)attends the protest

Mark Dawes of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party joined the protest against slaughterhouses and the meat industry at Piccadilly Circus, Central London on Saturday June 13th. Protesters raised placards showing the cruelty of modern farming, gave leaflets to inform people and there were a number of interesting speeches.

The vast majority of animals farmed today are in industrial factory farms where animals are treated as products rather than the living, sentient beings they are. The cruelty is on an industrial scale too. Modern intensive factory farming exists to produce meat, eggs and dairy products as quickly and cheaply as possible. To keep production costs down the animals are given the bare minimum they need to survive. They are fattened in huge, dirty, cramped sheds and deprived of everything that makes life worth living. They can hardly stretch their wings or legs and will never be able to roam. Most farmed animals are slaughtered at just a few weeks or months old.

Every year in the world, 60 billion land animals and more than 1000 billion aquatic animals are killed which means that 164 million land animals and more than 2,74 billion aquatic animals are killed every day.

“Food manufacturers like to portray farms as charming, family farms where the animals roam freely in green fields, but nothing could be further from the truth” said Mark Dawes of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party. “Today’s factory farms are places of unbelievable cruelty where animals are seen as nothing more than a commodity and no thought is given to the fact they can feel fear and pain like us. The Green Party would ban all factory farming” he added.