Statement by Local Greens on the death of much loved campaigner, Katy Andrews

8 June 2015

Some of you already know the sad news that Katy Andrews was found dead in her home on Sunday morning. Our membership secretary, David Hamilton, was on a bike ride that she led on Saturday. She was a member of the Liberal Democrats and stood for them in council elections.

I first met her at Green Drinks in Walthamstow at the Rose and Crown when she was the most entertaining and lively person in the group which I soon learned was typical. I saw another side on a well-managed Lammas Lands walk which she led. She shared her vast knowledge of the history of the area back to when the River Lea was the international frontier between Wessex and Danelaw; and all the on-going battles with developers, the council, and various other authorities to retain open spaces and the public access to them. I then met her at many local meetings and demos on so many local issues. We agreed on very many environmental issues.

If only all our political opponents were as educated, knowledgeable and committed as her. She will be much missed.

Bill Measure said: "Katie was a brilliant person and seemed to know everything about everything. It was not just her knowledge but her energy."

Mark Dawes added: "It is such sad news. Katy was a committed campaigner for so many issues - with insightful knowledge, energy and enthusiasm - and a larger than life character. She will be so missed."