Green bloc attend People's Assembly March against Austerity

23 June 2015

Green bloc at the People's Assembly National demonstration against Austerity

It was great to see such a large number of people on the People’s Assembly March against Austerity on Saturday June 20th - an estimated 250,000 – and such a huge bloc of Greens. The rally had a diverse array of speakers from union leaders to Charlotte Church including Green MP Caroline Lucas.

Redbridge member Graham says: "I was impressed at the massive turnout at the march as a whole, I didn't expect there to be as many people as there were and the various different sectors that were present including the Green Party and various trade unions. I hope that our voices will be heard... otherwise the fight against austerity will have to carry on and I will be present at any further marches." 

The demonstration showed that people are not all buying into the myth that austerity is necessary. It is a failed economic theory – one only need look at Greece where austerity was tried to see it is totally discredited. What we need is investment in Green jobs that will not only bring more jobs and prosperity but will also help in the fight against climate change – the biggest issue facing us today.

Rebecca, Coordinator: "At least 20 of us met at Walthamstow from a range of groups - we were joined by other local Greens throughout the day, and met many local friends along the way including health practitioners, teachers and NHS workers.  Our friendly network of different causes all with one strong message was echoed by Caroline Lucas in her brilliant, to-the-point speech: progressive MPs need to work together to get our voices heard.  'We are here to remind the government that 76% of people didn't vote for them.'"

Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party attending the People's Assembly National demonstration against Austerity.