Mass Lobby of Parliament - Climate Change

29 June 2015

Climate Change

Local members were involved in the mass lobby on 17th June - along with other residents, and 9000 constituents nationwide. They met with John Cryer and Stella Creasy - brilliant that we were able to talk to them, but a disappointing response to our requests.

David, on meeting Stella:

"We spoke about the need to invest now in renewable energy, and that investment in nuclear and fracking would tie us in for a generation to carbon producing and dangerous energy. However Stella stated that we cannot continue to create debt and spending needs to be controlled. Stella would not be moved about this. She also is in favour of TTIP as she feels that it will help British jobs and is in favour of Trident as she feels that it is important for the UK to maintain a nuclear deterrent."

Mark, on meeting John:

A group of ten or so constiituents met John Cryer - eventually. John Cryer was fairly negative about prospects on climate change with the current Government, citing the increase of imported (and more polluting) coal for power stations, fracking and reluctance on renewables. It was positive that John Cryer voiced his opposition to fracking, and opposes the third runway at Heathrow but said Labour currently had no firm policy on airport expansion in general.

We will continue to campaign locally in all our areas to get issues of climate change higher up the agenda - we are against fracking, against the costly and unnecessary Trident and we are actively involved in campaigns locally for cleaner air and better lives.