Pimp Hall Nature Reserve - The Big Dig!

14 August 2015

As we've previously announced, very happily, the council and TCV responded to the local Green Party request to avoid spraying the Pimp Hall Reserve, in Chingford, with glyphosate.

This means that we have to do some digging before the scheduled planting in September - so some very soon opportunities to help BE THE CHANGE are coming up!

Dates include:

  • 20th August
  • 21st August
  • 25th August

We'll be there from 10am to 4pm, on each of those dates, just turn up and stay for as long as you can.  If the weather looks rainy, then contact Mick on 07928 423 645 to check the Dig is gong ahead.

Bring lunch/refreshments and a spade or fork if you have one. Sturdy footwear is essential. 

Please come along, say hi to some nice people (including us!), dig some weeds and know you live among an ace bunch of folk. Thanks!

More information can be found on the "Friends of Pimp Hall Park" website.

UPDATE - Thanks to lots of help with digging, we've helped prepared the ground without a second glyphosate spray!  Thanks so much for all your help!