Local members protest outside controversial "Ripper" Museum

6 August 2015

Members of the Green Party including local members and Green Party Women attended a protest outside a controversial new Jack the Ripper museum in Cable Street, Tower Hamlets on the evenings of Tuesday 4th August and Wednesday 5th August.

The protest was in response to the opening of a museum celebrating the life of Jack the Ripper, rather than what had been described on the planning application, a history of East London women and the suffragette movement.

The original application for the museum had said it would "recognise and celebrate the women of the East End who have shaped history, telling the story of how they have been instrumental in changing society. It will analyse the social, political and domestic experience from the Victorian period to the present day.”

Local member Andrew Johns said, "It's an insult to the many women whose efforts over the years have had such a massive impact to the East End, London, and indeed, the UK in general. Instead, we have a disgusting celebration of misogyny and violence."

To sign the petition, visit https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/celebrate-suffragettes-not-serial-killers.