Stop the Trade Union bill

9 September 2015

The government are introducing a Trade Union bill which will curtail rights for workers to collectively organise. For example, allowing companies to hire agency workers when current staff are on strike, not allowing strike action unless there is a higher turnout and 4 weeks notice. They also want to make it increasingly difficult to set up picket lines.

As a party, we completely condemn the government's attack on workers rights and adding to the already restrictive Trade Union laws we have in this country.

We urge our members and supporters to support the right to strike by writing to your MP.

Unite The Union website has a message template which you will be able to use. Of course, if you personalise it your MP is more likely to get back to you.

Chingford resident, Andrew Johns said: "It's important to support the unions in the fight against this bill. History has shown that their efforts have paved the way for employee rights that we all now benefit from. To weaken the unions would leave them, and us, powerless to prevent big businesses from pressuring employees into poorer working conditions."


Lee Burkwood added: "Let's collectively organise ourselves to put a stop to this regressive bill!"