One hour this weekend

27 November 2015

After a brilliantly attended joint housing march last week where we werejoined by the Green Party deputy leader Shahrar Ali, we need to keep our momentum.  This week's leafletting focus is central Walthamstow: We will meet at the stall in the town square at 11am, and head out from there. Please join us for an hour to leaflet locally about our campaigns. It's essential we have a regular presence in peoples homes in the lead up to next Mays elections and this is a great opportunity to remind the people of Walthamstow who and what we are, one day before the huge climate march takes place. THANK YOU!

A little longer:

On Saturday:  If you are heading to the march against military action in Syria, meet at 12 noon in Downing Street, or locally if you get in touch.  Likewise if you are planning to lobby your MP or are trying to meet with them - please let us know if you have any luck and we can join you.  If you are trying to, or want to lobby Stella Creasy please email is also trying to secure a meeting.

On Sunday: Join the Green Bloc for massive action in Central London, ahead of next weeks Climate Change talks in Paris. The Green Bloc will assemble for the march on the corner of Park Lane and Deanery Street (near the Dorchester Hotel, W1K 1QA). Join us at 11:30AM for a photocall with Green leaders. Map here:

If you'd like to meet locally at around 10.30am at any of our main stations, especially if you are going as part of another group - please email. It would be great to know how many of our 800+ supporters were there on the march.  You can join the Green Bloc Facebook group here.  Thanks

A few minutes...

Consultations are still open for the Mini-Holland changes on some parts of Lea Bridge Road: segregated cycle lanes, improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists and minimizing the need for short car journeys.  Respond to the consultation here, it takes about 10 minutes. Our local position on Waltham Forest Mini Holland is on the website here.