Local Greens support teacher's strike

5 July 2016


The Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party unequivocally support today's teacher's strike. In the Government''s "Education for All" bill, real term cuts in funding will have major effects on schools and teachers, whether academy or maintained and further erode terms and conditions, increased workload and impede pay progression for teachers. Furthermore the government’s academisation plans are the wrong priority at a time where there is a teacher shortage and a lack of pupil places. There is also no evidence that turning schools into academies will make them better. The process of academisation is estimated at £1.3bn. This is mainly spent on lawyers and is an appalling waste of money at a time where the education budget is being reduced. 

Lee Burkwood, one of our candidates at the recent London Assembly elections, said. “One of my concerns is that academy schools have no obligation to provide tailored support for children with special educational needs. In academies, parents lose the right to elect parent governors and are denied any say over who runs their child’s school. This is alarming."

He added, "I recently attended a meeting in Redbridge where there were over 100 people, including parents, councillors, residents and teachers. All were uniting against the academisation of our school system. so I know that many people locally will be supporting the strike today.”

91% of those balloted by the NUT support this strike, so clearly there is a lot of concern amongst teachers in regard to the government's education plans. Whilst the other main parties are infighting and essentially leaderless, the teachers need our support and the Green Party are fully behind them. If you can, please attend the rally at Portland Place at 11 am today. There will be a march to Parliament where there will be another rally at 1.30pm.