Brexit: Our Position

11 July 2016

We in the Waltham Forest & Redbridge Green Party would like to voice our disappointment that 52% of British voters who expressed a preference, chose to leave the EU. Given that the majority of Waltham Forest and Redbridge residents voted to remain, we know that a lot of people in these boroughs will also be upset at the result.

With the economy heading for a rough patch, a possible recession and potentially deeper cuts in public spending, we all are worried about - among other things - how this will affect the local public services that we rely on.

What we must make clear however, is that we respect the result of the referendum. We know there are some on the Remain side calling for a second referendum, but this would ignore the democratic wish of the majority of Britons. What follows is what local Greens would like to see included in the negotiations our government will have with the EU:

  1. EU Nationals currently living here should be guaranteed a right to stay. This will also benefit Britons who live across the EU.

  2. Getting access to the European single market by joining the European Economic Area. This will involve keeping free movement of Labour within the EU and EEA and protect the opportunity for Britons to go and work abroad.

  3. The guaranteeing of existing environmental and social rights, i.e. EU workers' rights and green legislation, and continued funding for the Erasmus programme, which supports our UK universities and student exchanges. 

Once the negotiations are over, Parliament will vote to repeal the European Communities Act of 1972 and vote on a new relationship between Britain and the EU. We believe that we can protect the benefits that have come with being in the EU, whilst at the same time recognising the will of the British People to leave the EU.