Pig protectors' demo at John Lewis HQ and Waitrose - Local Greens join protest

17 January 2017


Picture of protest outside John Lewis HQ courtesy of Viva! (www.viva.org.uk)


Monday January 16th saw members of Waltham Forest & Redbridge Green Party joining a protest organised jointly by Save Movement UK, Surge and Viva! outside John Lewis HQ at Victoria and then at a flagship Waitrose store in Marylebone. The protest was at the killing of pigs involved in a road accident and against the cruelty of factory farming and the meat industry in general. Protesters bought flowers, candles and held placards in a vigil for the murdered animals and entered John Lewis HQ to talk to management. Standing outside and inside the Waitrose store, protesters explained the cruelty of the meat industry to shoppers.

On Wednesday the 11th January a lorry transporting 180 pigs crashed on the A16. Up to 40 pigs were slaughtered on the roadside due to the horrific injuries they sustained in the crash whilst the remainder were taken to their original destination, Tulip Abattoir, where they were killed.

These pigs were destined to be sold in Waitrose. Waitrose were repeatedly asked by the public to use their influence as a major Tulip Ltd buyer to send the pigs – traumatised and injured following the accident - to sanctuaries. They ignored the pleas and the pigs were killed.

“The killing of the pigs following the accident was callous and barbaric, especially as sanctuary had been offered to the injured animals,” said Mark Dawes of Waltham Forest & Redbridge Green Party who attended the demonstration. “It showed just how cruel the meat industry is to animals like pigs that feel pain and suffer like we do,” he added.