William Morris ward by-election: Why I'm standing

23 June 2017


 I'm standing as council candidate in the William Morris Ward By-election... here's why.

I know one or two councillors fairly well now, I've worked and campaigned alongside them and I see how hard a job it is to do. I respect the effort and time that goes in from all councillors.

However, the decision-making process often appears not to be in the best interests of the community.  In the case of Highams Hill library many residents agreed that the initial consultation was inadequate. The evidence we were given as a community to support the council’s intention to sell the building just didn't stack up.

I've seen numerous decisions that seem more about external money than people. We campaigned to keep the high diving board at Pool and Track, essential for the potential of our young people in a sporting borough... Yes, it was agreed that we probably should have had that higher diving board - but it seemed out of our hands as a community by the time we finally got our voices heard. Again, consultation seemed wholly lacking.

I'd like to have an effect on the way decisions get made, and the way things get implemented.


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I work locally, efficiently and collaboratively and the things I do have impact:

  • Working with the borough's Divestment campaign to make Waltham Forest the first London borough to stop its pension fund investment in fossil fuels. 
  • Sharing skills and resources with local Islamic faith groups to combat and report hate crime.
  • Spearheading one initiative and supporting others to safeguard community spaces as assets of community value. The Dog and Duck Pub and Higham Hill Library are two examples.
  • Working with a grassroots residents group on idling and clean air campaigns across the borough.

In the aftermath of the General Election, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are a stronger voice for progressive values - and have even borrowed a number of Green policies - so you may be asking why vote Green. I am asking you to vote Green because the environment is still in crisis and this affects us all every day - with poor air quality damaging our health, extreme weather caused by climate change and it is getting worse - these are issues where Labour still have no genuine answers. A more equal, fairer, kinder society is only possible if we have a planet to live on.

You can read a bit more about what I've been up to:

Vote for me on Thursday June 29th!