Local Green candidates commit to a pesticide-free London

2 May 2018

Local councils have the power to ban pesticides on all public land in our boroughs. In fact a number of councils around the UK are already proving that it can be done, including London’s own Hammersmith & Fulham. We'd like Waltham Forest Council and Redbridg Council to ban pesticides.

As councillors we pledge to propose motions to achieve this.

We've previously challenged and stopped glyphosate being used in Pimp Hall, Chingford, but we could far more effective as councillors in making this permanent.

Andrew Johns, Candidate in High Street ward said, "As a Freedom of Information request in the US reveals traces of Glyphosate in food, it's time to take decisive action."

"With MEPs pushing for action across the EU, and the EU voting to ban bee-harming pesticides, we must also ensure that the UK Government follows the EU's lead, even after Brexit,"  he added.