Our pledge to support streets for people and a more Liveable London

2 May 2018


In response to the Sustrans' campaign to support Streets for People, Waltham Forest & Redbridge Greens confirm that all candidates and any councillors elected on 3rd May  pledge to continue the work that has already stated in Waltham Forest, and ensure that Redbridge benefits from similar plans.  We would look to build local support for London-wide and national campaigns such as British Cycling's "Turning the Corner" campaign, which would bring benefits for all, including people who drive. We would also support community-led campaigns in making positive changes to their local area.

The four pledges we've been asked to support are: 

1. Create three neighbourhoods free of through traffic

We believe that reducing traffic in local neighbourhoods creates more welcoming environments for people of all ages and abilities to walk and cycle. This reduces social isolation, creates a more cohesive community and improves air quality. These low-traffic neighbourhoods would be particularly welcome near school sites or other highly-used public facilities.

2. Create at least two schemes that that connect places people need to go with protected space for cycling on busy roads

We fully endorse the building of protected bike lanes. If physical sepration is not possible due to lack of space, then we would look at other ways to improve safety particularly at junctions.

3. Ensure redesigned streets are easy to walk through, safe to cross and truly accessible to all

People should be able to walk easily from A to B without requiring long detours or risking their lives to cross roads. It is essential that people are not forced into social isolation through the fear that walking is unsafe.

4. Create places people want to be, by increasing pavement space and introducing seating, shade and shelter - bringing streets back to life

Pleasant spaces for people to walk and cycle promote a sense of community. We will aim to create more places for people to visit, rest, play and shop local.

A More Liveable London

We're fortunate that Waltham Forest is one of the first boroughs to take big steps in becoming a place that enables more people of all ages and ability to walk and cycle, and will work to ensure that progress continues. It would be great for all our nearby boroughs to have amazing active transport links between them as this will encourage more car-free journeys in both boroughs. So as well as pushing to deliver a high quality and safe Liveable Neighbourhood in Waltham Forest, we'll also work to ensure Redbridge council submits a plan to deliver a similarly high quality liveable neighbourhood.

We're supported at a London level by dedicated Assembly Members who've continued to push the Mayor to improve road safety and make London a great place to walk and cycle. Caroline Russell is now building on the great work that Jenny Jones achieved before her. You can see some information about their efforts here:

Caroline Russell: https://www.london.gov.uk/node/33524
Jenny Jones: https://www.london.gov.uk/about-us/london-assembly/news-jenny-jones/road-safety


Deanna Donovan (Grove Green candidate), Rebecca Tully (former co-chair) and London AM Sian Berry in Walthamstow.