Greens back school campaign for safer streets in Chingford

1 April 2019


On Friday 22nd March 2019, RoseMary Warrington, Green Party candidate for Endlebury in 2017, attended a cross-party campaign organised by Chingford C of E School to make the area around their school safer, by introducing:

  • 20 mph outside the school
  • Pelican crossing
  • Raised humped crossing

RoseMary Warrington later tweeted in support, "Delighted to support #safechingford on behalf of @WFRGreens - we need streets that are safe for active travel, for walking and cycling - if you live in Waltham Forest please sign the petition."

Andrew Johns, Coordinator for the local Green Party and a parent of children attending school in Chingford, highlighted that this wouldn't have been necessary if an earlier campaign to introduce safer streets to Chingford had not been obstructed by local Conservatives who fought against earlier consultations back in 2015 and 2016.

The campaigning resulted in only half of Chingford receiving 20mph streets, according to this Speed Map (PDF) with lots of schools missing out, except Longshaw Primary School, which was the only school north of New Road and Hatch Lane to benefit from 20mph zones.

Andrew Johns asked, "What's changed? I trust local conservatives now back the calls for 20mph streets in other areas of Chingford, and not just near this one school?"

The petition can be found here:

 The campaign can be found here: