Working hours decision is precisely what a British Bill of Rights will attack

, 14 September 2015, Tags:

The recent European Court of Justice ruling, which has declared that time spent travelling to and from first and last appointments by workers, without a fixed office, should be regarded as working time, is a massive decision for the great many employees who have jobs which are paid by the hour.

The directive which states that travel time, as well as the hours spent with patients or clients, counts towards working time is the type of ruling which makes our government and big business wish for unions to be scrapped, so that they can come up with a UK bill of rights which doesn't protect workers.

The government's official position on the EU is to stay in, but to cut what it calls ‘unnecessary red tape’ . However it’s real desire is to be rid of initiatives, such as The Social Chapter, which protects workers’ Health & Safety and working conditions, in order to adopt the corporate friendly Transatlantic Trade in Investment Partnership (TTiP) to appallingly make the EU yet more free market and facilitate big business. This would certainly and irrevocably change Europe’s stance on Social & Environmental Justice – but by no means in a good way…

Ashley Gunstock
Lead Speaker
Green Party


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