Car Free Day lacked Vegetarian/Vegan options

Mark Dawes, 15 September 2015, Tags:

Car Free Day in Leytonstone on Sunday 13th September was meant to be in part an environmental event so it was very disappointing that there were so few vegetarian or vegan options in the food stalls at the event. Most stalls were very focused on meat. And this sadly follows Grillstock in Walthamstow, an event which promoted the cruel meat diet.

The Meat and Dairy industry is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions that lead to climate change than the whole of the transport sector according to the UN as well as responsible for environmental degradation such as poisoning of water supplies and destruction of forests including important rain forests. And then there is the suffering of the animals in the way they are kept as products rather than living, sentient creatures and the brutal way in which they are killed.

If Waltham Forest council was really serious about environmental issues then they would address these concerns and use events such Car Free Day to promote vegetarian and vegan diets for the sake of our planet and not put on events such as Grillstock promoting meat.

Mark Dawes

Leytonstone resident and Green Party member


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