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So, in the last few weeks I used my bike trailer.  I had to take something heavy down Hoe Street.  My car brain… “It’s heavy.  You have a LEGITIMATE USE for the car! YAY!” My bike brain… “May be legitimate but the traffic’s going to be AWFUL!  You’ve SEEN the posts on Walthamstow Parents!  Trailer?”  Me: “Oh go on then.” 

The traffic WAS awful.  I had a calm journey with the trailer, and because of that journey remembered that using the trailer is actually fun, so did two more journeys – with my daughter, who LOVED it - that day.

In the last few weeks, I’ve cycled with the trailer more, and recently the traffic on Hoe Street’s been much improved.

I now know that I am living proof of something – something called traffic evaporation. It’s funny – I had to put quite a lot of effort into finding that out, and the evidence, and I wonder who else could have been reassured by it? 

Things I like about Mini Holland:

  • That lovely little segregated bit on Hoe Street, it’s like a little halfway break from the hubbub!
  • The crossings that continue the pavement across the road.  It really does change the way you look at the road as a driver and pedestrian.
  • I’m excited about a whole segregated cycle way on Lea Bridge Road.  And about being able to head across the Whipps Cross roundabout.

What I don’t like: the A406 is still impenetrable.  Would have been so nice to get a cycle way all the way along. 

And…cars are more aggressive in Waltham Forest these days.  THAT sure hasn’t evaporated.


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