Letter to the Independent re The Climate March coverage

, 02 December 2015, Tags:

I opened my copy of your paper this morning, hoping to find some mention of that section of the International Climate Change March which passed through central London yesterday. And so I did; a few lines buried beneath a picture of French police firing tear-gas at ‘activists’ (pp 8-9), and a caption beneath a photograph of Jeremy Corbyn and Vivienne Westwood, who had ‘joined campaigners’.

That’s it? That’s all the Independent has to say about the groundswell of concern and foreboding expressed by the 50,000 people on the march, representing Greenpeace, the Green Party, 38 Degrees, Friends of the Earth, Oxfam, the Lancashire anti-fracking group the Nanas and a host of other organisations, large and small, all united in the wish to impress on the Paris meetings that the time is now? What do we have to do to gain your attention?

The question, of course, is rhetorical. When, last Saturday week, I and others were out in the freezing cold attempting to drum up support for the Climate March in our suburb, one woman said she’d like to go, but was afraid of the violence that would take place. Of course, there was no violence on the London march, which is presumably why the photographs from the Paris scuffle had to be imported. Are you (the media) trying to frighten us into silence? I’d expect that of the Murdoch-controlled press. I thought better of the Independent.

Ann Williams

Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party


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