Concentrated flight paths are disrespectful to residents

, 26 February 2016, Tags:

The below is a letter from RoseMary Warrington, Green Party London Assembly candidate and Leytonstone resident. It concerns the concentration of flight paths which began on February 4th.

People in Wanstead, Barkingside, Harold Hill, Collier Row and Redbridge would have noticed the increase in aircraft noise from February 4th after City Airport concentrated flights over this area. At times, there is near continuous noise and disruption as a constant flow of airplanes from City Airport fly overhead. And it is concerning that the problem is so noticeable now in winter when windows are closed; in the summer the problem will be far worse as windows will be open and sitting outside in our gardens may become intolerable. The vast majority of those suffering do not even use City Airport, the airport being narrowly focused on the needs of the City of London. Residents, who were hardly overflown at all by planes from London City airport a few years ago, face the prospect of living under a concentrated flight path for the rest of their lives (unless they can move). 

It was good news that the Heathrow 13 were not jailed for their non-violent direct action against Heathrow expansion. Because City Airport have treated local residents – who were firmly against this change – with such utter contempt and ignored the democratic process, non-violent direct action has become the only option left. And the Green Party would support any non-violent direct action against City Airport to force them into treating Londoners with consideration and respect, and to stop them diminishing the quality of life for people living in our area.


RoseMary Warrington

Green Party London Assembly Candidate


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