Havering and Redbridge assembly candidate on the EU membership debate

, 11 March 2016, Tags:

The below is a letter from Lee Burkwood, Green Party London Assembly candidate for Havering and Redbridge and Redbridge resident. It concerns the EU membership debate and was printed in local Guardian newspapers.

A recent YouGov poll shows that people in the borough of Redbridge are evenly split on the EU referendum and that Havering favours Brexit. We in the Green Party however, support Britain staying in the EU for a number of reasons: firstly, there are workers' rights laws from the EU such as Paid Holiday and the Working Time Directive that protect every worker in Britain. Secondly, there are consumer rights laws from the EU that protect British consumers from being ripped off. There are also EU regulations which help make our beaches more pleasant and air pollution limits which hold our government to account on the dangerous levels of air pollution we are currently facing, especially in London.

Of course, the EU has become more unaccountable, and more in favour of big business in recent times. However, we should stay in to reform it by giving more power to the European Parliament, which is directly elected by ordinary people on a proportional voting system. So whether it's on workers rights, climate change or consumer protection, let's enhance social and environmental justice across Europe and vote to stay in the EU.

Lee Burkwood

Green Party candidate for Havering & Redbridge


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