Chingford Times asks: What do you want from the new Government

, 13 July 2016, Tags:

Chingford Times asked readers and leaders what they wanted from the Government. Two local Greens gave their opinions.



"The Brexit vote has thrown all the hidden divisions in our country into sharp relief.

"I want our government to reconcile those divisions, heal those evil running sores - and above all respect and listen to the people. Maybe in time such a government will be seen to truly represent us."


"I’d like our government to put the environment higher on the agenda, tighten regulations and increase the financial cost to corporations profiting from ignoring the environmental damage they cause.

"I’d also seek assurances that following a Brexit, our new laws and regulations on environment, workers rights and human rights are decided by a cross party committee.

"I’d also like an end to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership in its current and any new Brexit guise, repealing the health and social care act, proper funding to local councils, reversing austerity measures, free university education, reversal of academy plans, a fairer economy that puts the burden on the wealthiest rather than poorest, and proportional representation."


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